ACEA – Automobile Industry Pocket Guide 2021-2022

The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) has just published the Automobile Industry Pocket Guide 2021-2022, which provides a clear and comprehensive overview of one of Europe’s most strategic and innovative sectors: the auto industry.

Automobile Industry Pocket Guide 2021-2022

Updated with the latest data, this edition of the Pocket Guide contains facts and figures on employment, vehicle production and sales, trade flows, the vehicle fleetroad safety, the environment, innovation and taxation. It is the reference guide for anyone interested in automotive issues and EU policies.
You will surely notice that the 2021-2022 edition is rather special, as our landmark publication got a complete overhaul in line with ACEA’s new identity.

On a less positive note, the facts and figures in this Pocket Guide also reveal the dramatic impact of COVID-19 on Europe’s auto industry.

Almost 13 million vehicles were made in the EU in 2020, representing 16.7% of global production, but down 5 million units compared to 2019. Car output plummeted by 23.3% during the crisis year, while EU commercial vehicle production took a 21% hit. Exports of EU-built vehicles also decreased by 15% in 2020, although still generating a €76.3 billion trade surplus for the EU.

Despite this unprecedented downturn, these statistics also demonstrate the continued importance of the industry as an economic powerhouse that literally keeps Europe on the move, regardless of what happens.


With some 3.5 million people directly and indirectly involved in the production of vehicles across the EU, the auto industry accounts for 11.6% of all manufacturing jobs in the region. Looking at the entire automotive ecosystem, the sector provides work to 12.6 million Europeans, or 6.6% of the EU’s total workforce.

Apart from ensuring that people and goods can continue to move freely throughout Europe, the 278 million vehicles on our roads are also a major source of government income, annually generating €398.4 billion in taxes for 14 major EU markets alone.

And as we work towards a new era of mobility and a carbon-neutral Europe, innovation remains at the core of our sector’s DNA. Investing an impressive €62 billion per year, and responsible for a whopping 33% of total EU spending on innovation, the automotive sector has really solidified its position as Europe’s number one investor in R&D.

More than ever, we are ready and committed to provide solutions for the challenges of tomorrow.