First five hydrogen buses hit the road in Longgang Shenzen

First five hydrogen buses hit the road in Longgang, Shenzen

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These are the first five hydrogen-powered buses to hit the roads in Longgang District, Shenzhen, China.

Officially put into operation on Wednesday (Oct 20), the buses will run on routes from the Huiyuan Bus Terminal in Pingdi Subdistrict to the Shuanglong Metro Station, through Shenzhen International Low Carbon City, Pingdi Middle School and Longgang Central Hospital.

Emitting water and producing zero pollution, rides are free currently on the buses.

“The bus can be fuelled in 20 minutes and run about 650km after it is fully refuelled,” said Yi Jun, General Manager of SPIC (State Power Investment Corp) Shenzhen New Energy Development Co at the launch ceremony in Pingdi on Wednesday.

“It has advantages in energy saving because the power is generated through the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen.”